When designing interior spaces, in most cases it is not just one issue we have to tackle, but a whole set of problems. The end result is a true reflection of the cooperation between the creative team, that is, the designer, the constructor, and the client.

We place great emphasis on finding harmony between the form and function of the furniture and selecting the appropriate materials. After a careful on-site survey, we prepare the custom unit designs, to be finalized after further consultations. Professional visualization plans will illustrate not only the furniture, but the entire setting (walls, floor, ceiling, etc.). This is how we can realize the harmony of colors and visualize the entire scene to be created. Complex price calculations and price variants are created as a result of consultations on form and materials, which will help the client make the decision.

As each interior space is unique, any challenges posed in interior design will represent a chance for exclusivity. We seek to satisfy our clients’ needs while knowing this.