How do we work?

1. Design and assessment

It is important to have answers to the following questions as early as when we start an assignment:

  • What does the client want from us?
  • How much time do we have?
  • How much does he spend on this order?

Once we have this information, we agree on the date of a site visit, if necessary. After the assessment, in most cases we prepare a layout plan and the digital model of the place. Then, based on local data and the client’s requirements, we create one or several draft designs and an indicative quotation.


2. Finalization of the design and advance payment

After a second round of consultations, we select the best draft design together and agree on the materials, color harmony, surface treatment methods, hardware, lighting technology, etc. and establish the final price. If we reach an agreement, in most cases an advance payment is paid in amount of 50% of the final price. Afterwards, we finalize the design and start production.


3. Production and delivery

If the client so requests, we inform them about the manufacturing process. We deliver the finished product and install it on site at a date agreed in advance. After installation and delivery, we present the product warranties and intended use to the client, and the rest of the price is paid.